Tematic Pre Wedding Photoshoot – Jako and Isa: K-drama Goblin


Hello, my international Para Sempre Sim’s Princesses.

Hey, you bride and K-drama lover, or who knows a bride who loves south korean dramas, come one here and call your friend to check out this post with you. For those who don’t have a clue about what K-dramas are, stay a bit and I bet you’ll end up loving it. Ideas can flow from everywhere, including here.

In case you haven’t, you can take a loot at my pre wedding photoshoot and realize we used books to show how much I’ve loved them through life.

Today’s couple did the same, but with a K-drama theme, more specifically they were inspired by Goblin.  It couldn’t be more beautiful, once I’m in love with the drama and also it’s simply perfect!

The pictures are so fond, with an intimate touch even though they were taken outdoors.



You can find more references on the pictores below, like the red scarf, the umbrella, the bouquet..



They even replicated the Descendants of The sun’s poster and it’s like so, so cute.



The picture’s quality is outstanding, I’m totally in love.

I use to say that wedding photoshoots need to show the couple’s identity, with elements and references they like. Jako and Isa took that to another level.



Photohraphy: Thee Creation Media

Songs: Stay With Me – Chanyeol and Punch

Everytime – Chen and Punch

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